Climbing in an unsafe Way could result in a hospital stya. Keep safety in mind before you climb!
Never let safety be out of reach!
Use a ladder for a step in the right direction.
Use a ladder for a step in the right direction.
Reaching too tall may end in a fall.
One leg up could be six feet down.
Use a tool of ascension for accident prevention!
Be sure your step is secure.
Don't be a fall guy-use a ladder.
If what you need is on the top shelf, Use a ladder, protect yourself!
Safety is never out of reach.
A proper ladder would have been smart instead of the shelf coming apart.
Workers overreaching require safety teaching.
Bones can shatter; Use a ladder.
Climbing on sheives is a safety breach. Use a ladder for things you can't reach.
Don't overstep your reach.
Work your way up the ladder; Use a safety line.
We all have to reach a little higher where safety is concerned.
A long way up can be a short way down.
A ladder positioned at the proper angle just could prevent you from a dangle.
Don't be hung by an unsafe rung.
A broken rung is not a step up the safety ladder.
A break in your ladder could mean you've had'er!
Make this your slogan: Never climb a ladder that is broken.
More than a pay check could be at stake, So replace ladders before they break.
Why stand on boxes you might ask, when using a ladder is no big task.
Use ladders the right way or stay on the ground!
They're madder than a hatter, To think a ladder doesn't matter.
The proper ladder, tied off, is all. That is needed to prevent a dangerous fall.
The only way to the top is the safe way!
Take the time to get the proper stuff, or climbing upwards will be very rough!
Take a step in the right direction; Safety starts on the groung.
Take a firm stand when it comes to safety.
Sticks and stones may break your bones, And so can an unsafe ladder.
Safety on the job is no laughing matter. TO get to the top, use a ladder!
Remember the ups and downs of ladder safety. Step up to safer use of ladders.
Makeshift ladders give your feet a chance, to lose their footing in a deadly dance.
Ladders can put you down-stay up on safety!
Ladder sense: Safe equipment, used safely.
Have you checked your ladder lately?
Don't be the fall guy; get the right ladder.
Climb the rungs to ladder safety; Make sure you select a ladder. The right height for the job.
Get a leg up on safety.
Climb safely! Use the right ladder; Use the ladder right.
A broken ladder Can lead to a bad break.
Here's an important safety matter: Shelves and racking are not a ladder.
Using a stepladder to do it right may save an arm, a leg or your sight.
Stepping on a shelf is not too bright, Go find a ladder and do it right!
Don't be hasty, Use a ladder for safety.
Testing your agility Will only prove your fragility. Use a proper ladder!
Take the time before you climb to get a ladder. It's a safety matter.
.Use your gray matter, Get a step ladder.
Use a climbing aid Or you may need first aid!
Avoid the clatter Use a ladder. If on a ladder you stand tall, it is very likely that you will fall. Using the last step of a ladder Could be your last step.
Step up with safety in mind, Or you might end up on your behind.
Don't let the last step on a ladde.r Be your last step.
Safety is being third from the top.
Reaching and leaning Could give your life new meaning.
Ladders are handy tools, If you follow safety rules.
Overreaching is safety breaching.
This is not a laughing matter.Learn the rules of the ladder.
Teeter on a ladder and you're headin' for a splatter.
Only a fool would use a tool While precariously balancing on a ladder or stool.
If you don't heed the ladder warning, Soon family and coworkers will be mourning.
Using a ladder right Will ensure you'll be home tonight.

When your job requires a ladder choose with care. You don't want your last step to be thin air.

The top step of a ladder Could be the last step to matter.

Know your range before you reach.

When safety is first you'll heed the call, Stay off the top step and avoid the fall.
Don't let overextension be your downfall.
Never work from the top of a ladder. Losing your balance is no laughing matter.
When using a ladder stay 2 rungs from the top, Or you may go for a belly flop.
When you're up on the very top, Odds are that you're going to drop.
Overextending Could cause pain unending.
Standing on the top step of a ladder Can lead to one serious safety matter.
Be a safe worker in good standing. Avoid working off the top landing.
Standing on the very top Can lead you to a deadly drop.
Avoid the splatter. Move the ladder.
Make safe use of your ladder. Standing on top may cause you to drop.
Stop before you reach the top Or to the floor you're sure to drop.
To the top of the ladder he came. Timmmberrr...who's to blame? Work the ladder two steps down, Or max out and hit the ground.
When using a ladder do it right. Never end up with an unscheduled flight.
Don't dance the limbo at the top of the ladder. Down you'll fall, then you'll splatter.
To avoid apprehension Use a ladder with the correct extension.
A step towards safety is a step up the ladder.
Don't stretch to move something far and away. Move your ladder. It's the safest way.
It's not safe to climb, stand or sit, On a ladder that's not physically fit.
Keep safety within your reach.
Your supervisor will preach Keep your work within reach.
Use the top of the ladder for a date with disaster.
Improper use of a ladder Can cause your bones to shatter.
Don't let that top step be your last step.
Work within your reach is the safety rule we teach.
Top of ladder-User beware. It's not a safe procedure anywhere.
Get the right ladder to use your drill Or you just might take a spill.
When working overhead Use the proper lifting device instead.
If your safety matters,Use the proper ladder.
Steady your base Or you'll land on your face.
The top perch may make you tall, But it also sets you up for a fall.
Be ladder smart and on the ball Or you may suffer a serious fall.
Reaching from the top is a great way to reach the bottom.
It really does matter.Use the right ladder.
The top of the ladder is no place to be. It only makes for a tragedy.

When reaching for new heights two rungs don't make it right.

If you store stuff too high,Keep a ladder close by.